What Meggie and I Have Made

<- BFL, corriedale & romney mix wool - drunkard's dyelot. I did the right side as a test. It's a bit thinner in the thick/thin style. The left side is the rest of the 4 oz. ball of roving, a bit thicker spun. I tried to set the twist by soaking in warm water, but the dye ran. Close up:

It used to look like this:

I didn't mind too much as now it is something I would actually wear, or use for a forest themed doll's hair. I'd love a scarf, but I don't think it's enough yardage.

<- for the next skein I started with this: 20/80 merino/wool mix in creamy white for the core (center) and lincoln locks in blue and green, from Shepherd's Lane at Etsy (dot) com.

<- It was hard to get the right colors as it's been rainy lately. I tried to use the corespun technique where the blue and green locks are allowed to spin around the core thread to create a bulky heavy yarn.

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