Learning to knit

So I had spun up a few skeins of yarn and proudly showed them to my husband who thinks it's super cool that I can make yarn. Then I thought, hm... what do I do with them now? I have two paper ream boxes full of yarn and I just made MORE yarn. What I've made would make great poppet hair, but not for the current poppet I'm working on. So....

I took one of the smaller skeins to work, showed them to the gals in the Recovery unit and they said, KNIT! Well, I came home after a quick lesson, with a bunch of knitting needles and a swatch from the first time they tried to teach me to knit. I dug up an old book on the basics, looked up some YouTube vids and started on a practice piece. Here is what I have so far. I didn't want to use the stuff I just spun until I figured out what I was doing. This is a peruvian wool that my mom bought from Ben Franklin, our closest and just about only craft store in the area. It was supposed to be a scarf anyway, so here I go!

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