Briar Rose / Sleeping Beauty - a pictorial

This is my latest doll, Sleeping Beauty. According to the Grimms' Fairy Tales she is Briar Rose, because of the briars that grew up around the castle while she slept for 100 years.

A bit of background: Rose is my #6 Poppet, based on a pattern created by ghilie which you can find on the thread called the The Ongoing Poppet-Along on Craftster[dot]org where I love to hang out. She was created for my partner Meleriffic in the Poppet Mini Swap Round 3. Rose was created based on a thorough study of my partner's questionnaire answers, her Wist (web+lists, found here) and profile. From these three things and a couple of extra questions I asked my partner, I gathered a theme (Sleeping Beauty), a color scheme, and a general idea of what my partner liked. Here is what I came up with.

And now on to my process: Step 1. Sketch.

2. Paint some eyes.... Decide on eyelashes, and eyelids...? Yes. Perfect for the "sleepy" look.

3. Complete head. Now choose the hair. Platinum blonde, check. Note: I could not find blonde or brown lashes. *shrug*

4. Pin and sew the rest of the body. Stuff and joint....

5. Take a break. Distract one's self with learning to spin, or whatever catches your fancy (note assembled body in the background. Don't be distracted by the body on the left - that's my mannequin.)

6. Take deep breath. Adorn. Headband. Clothing. Whatever else she wants... Or not. Funny thing about these dolls, they have a mind all their own. Even before they are fully assembled.

a. Hand-stitched headband (cloth on wire, stuffed) and hair needlefelted to her head. Maybe a scarf? According to Disney, Sleeping Beauty wore a scarf whilst traipsing through the forest.... I learned to knit during this month of crafting. Thanks for the help and the knitting needles Sid! :)

b. Start The Dress. An old-fashioned nightie. Add godets to flare out the bottom. Some lace, beads and free-motion quilting of course. Slightly gibbous in construction.

c. Front ready, back ready. Purple ribbon accents, or grey?

d. "Round the castle a hedge of briar roses began to grow...."

I let the ribbon curl where it wanted to go, but I went with the rattail instead. Yes, that had to be sewn down by hand. And I needed to make more roses.

Careful, not too much now. Ready for some vines. Place, pin, couch.

e. Some things don't work out. She said to me, "Are you kidding me with this scarf?!" So sad, it was the first thing I ever knitted, not to mention I spun the yarn by hand. Sniff, sniff. 'Sokay, I get to keep it, hehehe!

So she took it off....
...And I said, "you look like Lady Godiva - let's get you dressed!"

"...And she pricked her finger with the spindle... and lay still in a deep sleep which spread over the whole castle."

And that was it. Nightgowned and barefoot, with spindle in hand, she lay down in her tissued box and fell asleep. It was an exciting creative time, and there was both a sadness and a relief when all was done. No more dreams of Sleeping Beauty haunting my sleep.

Hope you enjoyed my process!

Notes: Sleeping Beauty now lives with my wonderful swap partner Meleriffic on Craftster.org, somewhere in the great state of Texas, USA. (Someday, her Prince will come.) Many thanks to Meleriffic for her questionnaire that spawned this little doll, and for sending me a beautiful mermaid that my daughters continue to "borrow" when I am not looking.

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