Taking a break with Little Meggie

Taking a break from poppets and sketching because my Little Meggie Kick Spindle is here! This is what I asked my dear husband for, in addition to a cook book, for Mother's Day. This little baby makes spinning super easy for me, especially when the lil' 4-yr-old is kicking the spindle. In fact it was so funny I kinda lost the hang of it when she went away because I got spoiled.

DD and I took out the wax I ordered from the same vendor and rubbed her till she shined. Ah, nothing like live wood glow! She is made of oak and I'll try and get better pics when the sun is shining outside. She spins nicely with a soft whirring sound. I have yet to name her.

Our first try.

for size reference.

And the next roving up for spinning, along with my solution for keeping it from moving around too much -- shelf liner!

Thanks to Jan of Heavenly Handspinning. Visit her website: heavenlyhandspinning.com and her Etsy store (where I bought the kick spindle and the lovely wood polish. I love it on my hands too by the way!) You can follow her on Facebook and Ravelry too! I did. ;)



  1. I've been coveting Jan's kick spindles for a couple of weeks now and have been pestering my husband to make one (or several) for me. Are you still using it or have you been bitten by the spinning wheel bug yet?

  2. OH! It was touch and go for a while as she was packed up in August when we moved and school started for the fall session. She is now out and about and we have spun up some soft fluffy merino for a new scarf. I'll be posting about that soon. No bites from the spinning wheel bug yet - Little Meggie is enough for the little projects that I do. Hope you get to play with one soon - I love mine!