The Lauhala Experiment Pt. 3

I had sick kids at home, and I had to go to work, so the lau (leaves) had to wait.

The next day, first thing after coffee, I was out in the garage. The water in the bucket went from crystal clear to darker than my cuppa joe. It's very tiring on your hands, especially your thumb. You run the wet cloth down the length, wiping with your thumb in the middle groove. Wipe, rinse. Wipe, rinse. This cleans the leaf and softens it for rolling at the same time.
<- note water before. See last pic for water after.

Kumu said they were relatively clean, considering. I had a handful that just had to go straight to the water house, there were so many ants and junk! It took several hours just the first day. I did ten leaves. Ten. See how tiny my roll is?

Here is the bundle before starting, on day 1 on the left, and before starting on day 2 on the right. Not a dent, baby, not a dent. *sigh*

It took a little more than 4 days of several hours each to finish. I am slow. And I have 2 kids running around. Even after I threw out about a dozen leaves that were too old and brittle to withstand the cleaning, flattening and rolling. I didn't have anything suitable to flatten, so I ran it over the edge of my table.

Here is end of day 2:

One more day.


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