Celestine Poppet Chooses her Hair

Celestine Poppet was born this April and consumed my life for an hour or so every night a quite a few afternoons for almost a month. Her post is here, on Craftster.org . She was made for Squire_Inaria for the Plethora of Poppets Swap. Here is what Squire says about the swap package she got in the Plethora Swap's Gallery.

I'll elaborate more if anyone wants, but I just wanted to show you a couple of pics regarding my hair process. Seems I always get hung up on the hair. :)

<-Here she is without hair. Her eyes came clear and I painted them with iridescent pearl nail polish. Her glitter eyelashes are from the drugstore.

I envisioned her masquerading as a moon goddess so since she was already bright as the moon I thought that maybe her hair should be dark like a cloud or the night sky:
<- I love blue. Somehow I always start with blue. This is a thick and thin single ply yarn that was sent to me along with a poppet I received for a swap last year. I believe it came with Alice. Although I love the look, it wasn't right for the theme. So next I try silvery hair.

<- Straight or curly? Up or down? This is Lion Brand Glitterspun, a soft metallic yarn in silver. I use pins to simulate how the hair might be attached. She tried it on twice - once while wearing my Pink poppet's white lace dress and again after the night sky gown was done. With a flower in her hair even! She was almost sold on it. *sigh*

Close but not quite. While I am waiting for my wool locks to arrive in the mail, I try to spin up a solution. This is a white roving that I received with my spinning kit that I received in a DIY kit last year. It is actually a wonderful creamy white, spun thick and thin then plyed with silver thread:
<- note that this is my first ever handspun, done on a bottom whorl drop spindle. I only did a little bit and actually sent it along with the doll for the swap. I'll have to make more as I really love it, especially with the bit of sparkle from the silver thread. I do like her in it, as it gives her a soft glowy feeling it felt a little too warm earthy/lovey/mother-y and not moon/night/cold silver light-enough, so that didn't fly.

When the box from Shepherd's Lane came I couldn't eat dinner fast enough! I had to try on a bunch of locks straight out of the box. Just for fun, the blue... ooh so glam!

Then down to real business.
<-here on her right is the Miss Priss. I chose the shortest of the locks. They are a shimmery white and darken to a creamy gold at the tips. I thought that would be choice #1. On her left is Silverado's silky. It was amazingly silky, and so silvery! (Silverado also has a darker shorter lock from a different area on his body. I'll have to order some of that because I LOVE these - sooo soft and full!)

<- here is the natural lincoln locks. I love these! In fact another doll artist used these from the same vendor on one of her sculpted dolls and she was beautiful. If she wasn't a moon goddess I'd have said ok. It had great color, perfect length and the thickness of each lock made for a chunky texture that I really liked.

In the end, we went with Silverado. Here it is down, front view and back. I soooo love her hair down but you can't go to a ball with your hair Down, you need an Updo. The last pic is with her hair up. I used 4 bobby pins to hold it in place, and put in a mother-of-pearl button comb that I made as an accent.

We took a family pic before she left us. L-R: Alice & Hatter (received from swap partners), Celestine, Violet & Pink (fka Kat).

Hope you enjoyed that little side-trip into my process.


  1. OMGosh Susan! You totally have the most gorgeous hairs ever (I am really partial to that chunky blue hair though in the in the second picture.... ;) ).

  2. Yes, thanks, lol, I was really glad it didn't fit the scheme of things, I am loathe to part with it. :D HAHAHA!