Baa baa black sheep....

Have you any wool? I do!
I've been thinking about using wool locks for doll hair for a long while and I finally sucked it up and went for it. One of the best things I ever did!

I ordered from a new vendor, enticed by the locks of a Wensleydale sheep called Miss Priss. They are long, white and lustrous. They are Amazing. I kid you not:

The would make awesome hair I thought. It took 14 days. No, it was not coming from some foreign country. Shepherd's Lane is in Lebanon, OR. It's just that sometimes the postal service likes to take a while. :P Suffice to say I was dying. Meanwhile the owner Joy and I had some nice conversations by convo. Very nice and helpful lady!

When the box came, I was at work, so I didn't know it was there till after dinner. I carefully opened it and marveled. Here is the box, bursting after I cut the tape! You can see Miss Priss' locks on top, marked with yellow locks.

I thought I would be all about the Miss Priss. They are truly amazing, but in the end I was captivated by the silky locks of Silverado. They are soooo silky and silvery, from dark silver grey to lighter tips. I looove them! I also got natural colored Lincoln locks because I loved the colors. I tried all three on my newest doll (the reason I bought the locks in the first place).
<- Left to right: wensleydale "Miss Priss", natural lincoln locks, wensleydale "Silverado" silky.

<- Here I am putting on the natural Lincoln locks. On her left she is wearing the Silverado's silky. In the end she said she'd like Silverado's silky locks please!

<- washed wool samples. I love the colors on the right, but I love the feel of the wensleydale.

<- I also got some great samples of rovings and Marley's locks. I LOVE these little dark locks - Definitely need a doll with these locks!

<- At the last minute I purchased green and blue locks too. These are very short, but cute! I see a vision of a mermaid growing in my head!

I'll be shopping again soon! Thank you so much Joy! Please visit her shop Shepherd's Lane and tell her I said HI!


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