The Sketchbook Project begins...

I've been nervous about this project - I've always had a rough time getting my ideas and thoughts from my mind's eye to the page or whatever medium I'm working in. *Sigh* this time is no different.

I tried to start early, even before the book came.... so I started with some storyboarding, which I promptly lost. So I started with some more storyboarding, which I finally worked out the beginnings of what can only mean I will need to be removing pages or gluing many together because each spread seems like it will be a lot of work! Especially considering the holidays, the extra work I've picked up and the holidays around the corner. My deadline is January 15th I believe.

Well anyway, here is my efforts towards my first page spread. This was inspired by a peacock we saw, wandering around like just another chicken, over at the rec center one day when we were waiting to pick up Grandma.



  1. Wow! It is so beautiful! I wish that I had papercrafting skills to join the Project... Can't wait to see more of your book!

  2. Hi there! Thanks so much Avery, I don't really have papercraft skills, but can sorta draw. I think it's a requirement for art majors, lol. Need to do more pages!