Poppet Hair Makeover

Here, for your viewing pleasure, in it's entire process, is Poppet #3's hair selection.

A fuzzy hair-do?:

Maybe a Marge Simpson in gold, or purple? Or feathers? Or shiny?

Couple more...

Top 4 runners-up:

And the final outcome:

Aloha, ~Su


  1. Oh my gosh! That sure would have been a hard decision! There was so many great options... I loved how she ended up turning out, but man, I really loved the feather look, the purple handspunny yarn look, and the silvery white yarn look.
    PS. Slightly jealous of your stash

  2. Ah yes, it certainly was, which was exactly why I photographed each one and stared at them all for days before deciding. It was tough but I'll just have to make a couple more out of the same fabric and try a different "do". Hehe... I'm sure I'd be jealous of your stash if I saw it!