The Sketchbook Project 2011

The Sketchbook Project: 2011
I've been wanting to join The Sketchbook Project put on by the Arthouse Coop but wasn't sure if I'd have the funds. My wonderful craft world Craftster.com put on a scholarship drawing sponsored by the Arthouse Coop and although I wasn't one of the 3 winners, an anonymous Craftster member became my Fairy Sketchbook Godmother and gifted me a book! So I've picked up a book, and forked over $20 for digitizing (since it's a good chance I may not make any of the tour stops - yes my book will go on tour!) and joined the Sketchbook-Along here.

I've decided this is a great way to 1)spark my journaling and sketchbooking again, 2)work off the energy of some awesome artists in the Sketchbook-Along, and 3)solve the problem of not crafting during the school semester. I didn't want to take on any major projects what with work bumping up to a possible 40 hours a week from my usual 20, and with me taking the dreaded Anatomy and Physiology class AND lab this semester.

My theme that I chose is "If you lived here..." So the plan (so that I wouldn't have anxiety and stress about this sketchbook thing) is to sit down every night (if I'm not exhausted) and sketch a little, or glue a bit of something down and journal a little blurb about one thing that was interesting that day. Just whip out a double page spread and be done with it, call it a night. Then I can always go back to it. Or not. It'll be like a running train of thought, kinda like I used to do daily on FaceBook, until I run out of pages.

Speaking of pages, I hear everyone talking about how the pages are thin, so I'm planning on gluing 2 pages together as I go along. I just bought a whole bunch of glue sticks that were on sale for back-to-school, so I think I'm prepared. I think I'll do pen/ink drawings with color pencil or pastel crayon accents, and the blurb for the day in black ink. That should make it a little less intimidating.

This is really exciting for me, to have an artistic outlet to balance home, work and school, and also to have it go on tour across the continental US and reside permanently in New York! Wow! They have it worked out that each book has a barcode and you can see how many people pick up your book to browse through. I also chose to digitize it so I can share it with friends and family, since New York is so far away. I'm also gifting a sketchbook to my nephew who I started on sketchbooks when he was little. We used to glue leaves and draw with crayons in them. I hope he will fill his sketchbook with wonderful things and send it back in time to join the tour.

You should think about joining in too! It doesn't matter if you can draw or not - a lot of people just glue in pictures and write, and some write and draw nothing at all. In one of the books that really struck me as too cool the artist simply made cut-0uts on every page. It was beautiful! At the very least, visit The Sketchbook Project to see what others have done, and be inspired!

Thanks for visiting! Aloha, ~Su

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