The Eyes Have It!

I've been having fun making eyes for my Poppets... Here are the eyes that I've made. Minor swap spoilers in here... so I guess if you need something to keep you going while you wait for your package to arrive, you are welcome to take a peek.

If anyone's interested in a tutorial, let me know!

Top of pic below are what the eyes look like before I sand and repaint them. They come 3 pairs to a package. Below them are (left) purple and silver dots painted onto clear round-pupil or "animal" eyes, and (right) light green with burgundy and green dots and yellow lines. All of these were sent to a swap partner whose favorite color is purple.

Close-up on light green eyes:

Aqua blue with blue and gold dots. On the right is before, on the left is after I painted in some black lines with acrylic paint. These eyes were custom made for a sea demi-goddess poppet that my swap partner hasn't received yet. Look for that post in the near future.

This pair of eyes is a shimmery light tan with dark brown lines. I really liked how these came out but the finished head didn't match the doll that I was making so I scrapped it for the project. I didn't have the heart to pry the eyes out and reuse them.

And that was just July!


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