The Eyes Have It! Part II

The last "Eyes" post was full of eyes made in July. It was getting too big, and I had to break to change baby's diaper, and then I got distracted by Life... A mom's job is never done!

Anyway, onward. Here are a few more eyes that I've made. My very first repainted pair was made for this doll. She was made for SunflowerSmiles, for the Mini Poppet Swap #2.

I liked how the eyes turned out so I made 2 more to go with her. On the top is a teal green background with yellow-gold lines and dots in blue and green. The next pic is a violet purple, with turquoise lines and dots in yellow-gold and rust-orange.

The following three were made for the DIY Swap 12, which are being included in 2 Poppet-Making Kits that I'm sending out today. I love these translucent ones, because the color can change drastically depending on the background "skin" it gets placed against, and the way the light hits it!

These eyes are on a two dolls going to live in Canada with my swap partner Averyg. Maybe they'll arrive today! If they do, I'll be able to post about what I sent her. The first one is only one color with the lines scratched in. The 2nd one is the same blue as the first, with a different light angle, and with dots in green and yellow-gold. I painted black lines after everything was done so depending on the angle they can be faint or dark. I LOVE these eyes, have to make more!

I've been enjoying the cat-shaped iris eyes, only because there is more surface area to add color to it. The round-iris eyes are great because they are clear so it's instant gratification, and no sanding. I've been told I should sell these, but really, what would I charge that people would be willing to pay? If you have a thought, let me know!

I've got some new nail polish and acrylic paints that I bought, so I'm eager to make more and experiment with some new color combinations. Hope you like these!


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