Poppet #3 - Poppet In Blue

For SunflowerSmiles, my most awesome swap partner, for the Mini Poppet Swap #2.
I give you Poppet In Blue:

She is crafted from some beautiful wrinkled-looking fuzzy knit fabric that I found in my scrap fabric pile that I got for free on Craigslist. I love Craigslist. Better yet, I love FREE!!!

Her eyes are revamped: I got them from Floradec in the discount section. I sanded them (because I didn't like the original greenish-yellow color) and hand-painted them with a beautiful new color. There are actually four different colors in dots, lines and general color.

Her hair is acrylic worsted weight in blue combined with eyelash yarn. I gave her a braid, some beads and some feathers. Originally I imagined her with either a full head of feathers or a headdress, but I couldn't make it work the way I wanted it to :( so, waa.

Her outfit slowly evolved. I started with the thrift store tie for the top and the skirt was going to be made of the light blue sheer curtain material. I hand-formed some "eyes" for the back of the corset to run red ribbon thru to lace it shut in back. For the skirt, the sheer was way to sheer, so I layered it with black tulle. Many layers. For fun I added some peacock feather fringe on the top layer and stitched the top edge many times.

When I first started she was so beautiful nekkid and hairless with the giant glistening eyes, like one of those beautiful but strange hairless cats, or Sinead O'Connor. Here she is being kidnapped while I work on her outfit.

More pics:

And here is her very own post on Craftster:


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