Mini Poppet Swap

This year I was finally able to join the Mini Poppet Swap on Craftster. For those of you unfamiliar with Craftster, I've been hanging out there since 2007, finding a channel for fostering my creative self. Poppets can be found here and you can join the fun by sending a pm to ghilie and giving her your email address so she can send you the pattern. The wonderful thing about Craftster.com is that you can find others who share whatever creative thing that is your passion, and there is advice and patterns abound!

Anyway, the last day to sign up for the Mini Poppet Swap was May 12th and we had until June 14th to send your completed Poppet to it's new home. I figured that was lotsa time, even with our little 10 day vacation I could still be home with a week to finish up any loose ends. I sent in my application and got a partner assigned the next day - my awesome swap partner SunflowerSmiles and I have had tons of great talks about poppeting and life. averyg and amigurl55 (co-organizers) have been doing a marvelous job of keeping us on track, checking in at least once a week and fostering fun discussions.

Unfortunately SunflowerSmiles got very sick early on but rallied like a pro after much medication and needed rest, which btw is hard to do with a family running around, and actually finished a day before me. Her package should be arriving Monday.

And why did I take so long? Well, after much stalking and visioning and stalking some more I was ready to go. (We look at things like Craftster profile pages and wists, or in my case the Etsy favorites page and profile since I don't have a wist. You can also stalk a person's blog, which I hope she won't look here since I'm posting this before she receives. Um, well, I may wait on posting pics before she receives :) )

Then it was time to shop. I shopped online. I shopped here. I shopped there. I couldn't find exactly the right thing so I got a couple different "maybe could work" things. I actually found eyes! But hated the color, so had to sand and repaint them. I love them!!! I actually finished the entire body, complete with custom painted eyes, eyelids and eyelashes. Just needed to choose hair, clothes and accessories.

After many dreams and many sketches, I just couldn't get the feathers to work into the mix the way I wanted. I did however receive some online shopping goodies and threw together a matched set of jewelry for new mommy and poppet. I'll elaborate later. Well, by the time we were packed and leaving I had a pocket full of eyes to sand, a crocheted cap to start a wig and some yarn colors in a bag, and a sketchbook with dreams. Seriously in the 10 days we were gone, all I did was sand an eye or two. And dream more.

By the time we got home whatever bug we had caught went from one child to the next to me and my dear husby. He got the least of it thank goodness, because someone had to deal with the sick grouch I had become. The being sick came first and it wiped us clean. I spent the first day hurling, the second day waiting for the doctor and the third day comatose in bed. Grrrrr! sucks to have craft itch when there's nothing you can do about it.

With the time counter running down I was finally able to do hair one day, and the outfit top and skirt took two days. That was four days of 10 minutes here and there, and four days of waking up at 4am and crafting for a couple hours. That seriously took more time that it took to cut, sew, stuff and joint the actual doll (MAYBE 5 hours). The eyes took almost an hour, not including drying time - I used 4 different colors of nail polish and a toothpick. I still wish I could get a finer line. Maybe a fine brush or a stencil?

Anyway, she is done, done, done, so I sent her off into the world in a box full of other supply and yummy goodies for SunflowerSmiles to enjoy. I hope she likes my new poppet, and I am so excited for who will arrive on Monday!! For those of you that are curious, here is a teaser:

I will be good and wait till SunflowerSmiles receives before posting pics of my progress.

Till then, aloha!

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