Spring Gift Boxes for Etsy

Yay! New gift boxes! These babies are repurposed round cardboard boxes that I stripped, primed with gesso and the lid with scrapbook paper. I finally found a use for the paper! Thank goodness for round paper cutters. The first pic is a closeup, sealed with gold wrapping ribbon. The second pic is an order that I sent out last week. You can see my business card, the free polishing pad, the earrings and the tissue paper that I wrap them in before closing the lid.

This is my 2nd generation gift box. These were stripped, primed with gesso and decoupaged with pretty patterned tissue paper.
If I can make enough, I'm thinking of putting these up for sale too. They're cute and you can reuse them as a trinket box or to give another gift away! What do you think?

Aloha, ~Su

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