CRASH! and The Tax Man Cometh

Sorry folks, I know it's been a long time but my iBook finally died. Apparently the logic board wasn't meant to last more than 6 years. Sadly I cannot justify a thousand dollars to get another Mac. *sniff*

The good news is that PC netbooks are the much better now - portable, small, and still powerful. Actually ANY netbook would blow away my old G4 that didn't even have a gigabyte, a gigahurtz, or a giga-anything. It will definitely be an upgrade for me, and with all the Google apps out there I don't think I'll be missing my iCal or my .mac account for that matter. I am dreaming of this ASUS here which is the next step up from what a friend of mine bought recently which has the N270 processor.

After today's visit with out tax guy, I am even happier to find the necessary funds to get a netbook, soup it up and get back to my online word of this blog, my etsy shop and millions of other neglected hobbies.

Stay tuned!

Aloha, ~Su

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