Still Christmas Decorating!

December came and we immediately went and got a tree - 5 feet for $19.99! This is a far cry from past years of searching around last minute for ANYONE who was selling a tree. A big thank you to Koolau Farmers in Kaneohe for having a great tree guy who gave suggestions and held up every tree I asked! We were the only ones there, I love it!

And so the decorating began. We got plastic "glass" ball ornaments at the dollar store at Windward Mall. All their Christmas goodies were 20% off. We were especially glad they were plastic because of the kids - Baby #2 just turned 1 and loves to grab everything and shove it in her mouth.

I guess I was influenced by the white paper ghosts I put in the window for Halloween back in October... Or maybe it was this month's cover of RealSimple which sported a big glittery snowflake? I am such a sucker for this magazine.... So I cut a whole bunch of snowflakes and Baby #1 helped me tape them up to frame the tree. Turned out cute. I'll try and get a pic up later.

We also bought a little poinsettia plant for $5 while getting the tree, and when I got it home I thought, gee, it's so little and I only have one. So sad for me!

Anyway, in my browsing I found this pattern for a poinsettia pinwheel!

So I'm thinking I'll do a bunch of them and stick them into the potted plants out front to liven up the yard. I'm thinking of picking up some red craft foam so they'll withstand the wind and rain. Thanks so much to Heather Bailey for the great tutorial. Her blog is a great place if you're feeling crafty, or just wanting to live vicariously through her craftiness!

Aloha! ~Su

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