BRB... return from the back burner

WOW! Last time I blogged was JULY??? Well, quick recap....

The family got well, I got busy at work, then got back to working my way slowly toward nursing school by signing up for a Chemistry class. As a result, the jewelry enterprise got put on the back burner :P . Then I got the flu, and just when I thought I was better I caught a cold with the two kids. We are reduced to the sniffles and are almost well. Almost.

This Chemistry class is the first step in updating my science credits. MAN! My brain was rusty, but I was determined to do well. So far I've made it through one quiz a week and two midterms with an A average. I've definitely surprised myself, especially considering I have mommy brain x2.

Anyway, during my hiatus from jewelry I was still surfing my favorite creative inspiration site, Craftster.org, and dreaming about things to do. I decided I needed something creative to balance my Chemistry class. This is something I used to do in college so I wouldn't burn out. I decided to make a Poppet, something I've been wanting to do since they were born back in 2007. Once I set my mind to start I couldn't stop, and so once a week, as a reward for passing the weekly quiz I would work on bringing my very own Poppet to life.

It took a month worth of weekends and one late night when I just couldn't stop before I was done. Don't be afraid - it only took so long because I sewed the entire thing by hand and crocheted her hair and dress. We (the girls really) have named her Kat... because she's a "cat". The simplicity makes so much sense, reminds me of being little myself and how I named the things around me (Beary the bear, Camoolie the camel.... I kid you not!).

So here she is, and I must say, I haven't completely cured the urge. She has her own thread here. And here is the Long Awaited Poppet-Along if you'd like to get sucked in... uh, I mean inspired. Hehe. Many thanks to ghilie for emailing me the pattern and all the other poppet folks on Craftster.org for all the help, support and inspiration. I've started to cut more pieces so I can sew up more of them because I can't help myself. Just waiting for school to end so I have more time. Incidentally, it would probably take less time if I got my sewing machine fixed, so that's another thing I need to get done.

By the way, if you're one of those who wants a Poppet badly but just haven't made one yet, I'm taking a poll.
Is it because:
a) I need a push, I'd buy a Poppet kit with all the pieces ready to sew and stuff.
b) I don't sew or don't sew well, I'd buy a Poppet "blank" to embellish with eyes, hair, clothes etc.
c) I think I could make the Poppet but clothes and hair? Don't think so...
d) I'm truly intimidated and would buy one ready made or have one commissioned.

If any of these are you, please let me know. I'm thinking about adding Poppets, kits and accessories to my shop at subringas.com if there's a market out there for it.

Aloha! Susan

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