BRB... Is there a time frame for that?

Two weeks ago the entire household ie. Grandma, Dad, the two girls (and apparently my older daughter's doll "Babydoll") caught the flu. The nose swab results came back from the Dr's office as Influenza A, and it was too late for the kids to take Tamiflu. We were in for the long haul.

That was July 11th. My post on Facebook:
"Susan Castillejos... is hanging a quarantine sign - pretty sure the flu has taken over the entire house... even grandma spiked a fever!"

Today I have finally made it back to the computer to start thinking about my Etsy shop, my Facebook, my Blog and my Twitter now that I do not have to play nurse to my own little hospital of patients. Thank goodness I never succumbed to the flu! Can you guess my last post on Facebook?

"Fam still sick, off to work, brb!" That was last week Thursday, and here it is already Tuesday! Is there a time frame for brb aka "be right back"? Does it mean leave to do just one thing and come back immediately after? Did I tell a fib when I used the term "brb"?

Well anyway, whatever, here I am, back, and it took all morning to catch up and then write this post. So now I'm off to work and I'll brb!



Extended 4th of July sale!

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Blue Ceramic Basket Weave and Czech Glass Drop Earrings,
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Fourth of July Weekend Sale!

Happy 4th All!

Etsy, the online place for Artisan shops, is having a WEEKEND DEALS! Sale, and I've decided to participate by offering FREE SHIPPING and 10% OFF.

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Aloha! ~Su