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It's all about networking nowadays, just ask my hubby the networking guru himself, Pete Castillejos - Hawaiis Mortgage Guy Dot Com. He's been networking since I've met him 9 years ago and luckily some of it has rub off on me. He's the one that got me into Twitter and Facebook, and I am now trading logos and links with other great people on the web to grow my little network.

Please visit Pete at HawaiisMortgageGuy.com if you're thinking about refinancing or purchasing a home. It's a buyers market and the rates are really good right now. He'll give you great advice and a great deal.

Also, please visit my really good friend Kelli at DiamondGirlHawaii.com for the best deal on diamonds and fine jewelry. My husband went to her to have a custom maile leaf (designed by another friend Darin) cast in 14k white gold in honor of our second daughter Maile. I wear it every day!

I'm sure there are more friends out there, so I'm going to work on a better way to share some space here with people that I feel confident about recommending their services to you.

Aloha! Su

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