It's been a very long time since I've shipped anything with online postage so last night I was having a bit of a problem. I've been using Firefox as my browser for years and I guess I forgot that Paypal shipping labels are a bit fussy. Between my Mac iBook G4, my old HP inkjet printer and PayPal/Pitney Bowes, I can only print shipping labels through Safari. After half an hour and several misprints I finally remembered this quirk and got labels printed.

Today I'm shipping out my Green Piko Earrings for an Etsy buyer. I totally LOVE these! They were one of my first inspired creations, one that was spun off my Piko Bracelets, which were gonna launch a whole line of jewelry. Suffice to say I got side-tracked with life and came back because of a wedding! I'll get back to those after the store gets a little more stock and the piled-up laundry count comes down from 6 loads to something more manageable.

I'm also shipping a silent auction donation for an old friend of mine over in Texas. I'm sending her a necklace and earring set that is listed in my Etsy store which I created for my cousin's bridesmaids. You can see that here. The silent auction is for Team Chip Booster Association in support of her Tae Kwon Do team. If you'd like to donate something let me know and I'll connect you to her. They'll be fundraising for the entire month of June in preparation for competitions starting in July. Drop me a line at designs@subringas.com and I'll hook you up!

Just a closing note, this is the 5th silent auction I've donated to. Other organizations: Hawai'i Arts Alliance, YWCA of O'ahu, Waikiki Yacht Club - paddling program, Honolulu Business Network - Christmas party. If you have a worthy cause that needs a donation, I'll try my best to make something for you.

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