S'more People Like You!

Happy Nurses Week!
And Happy Teacher Appreciation Week (wondering if it's only our school or is everyone else doing this too?).
And Happy May Day, Cinco De Mayo, Children's/Boy's Day, Last Day of School, Graduation Day and Mother's Day!

When did the first few weeks of May become so congested with celebrations?

It's been crazy over here but one little time saver I had up my sleeve was to use the same cute creative idea for both teachers AND nurses. Over at domesticatedlady.com I found the cutest idea for a s'more treat that says "we need S'MORE teachers like you".You can go here for the free printable. Another helpful blogger at gluesticksandtape.com provided a two-up on a page printable here, and several different other versions based on the original at Domesticated Lady's. I used the two-up version to be frugal, and regular printer paper because that's all I had and it turned out ok.

For the second batch, I changed the wording to say nurses instead of teachers. You can right click and copy the jpeg here and paste two of them into a word document to make your own.

Please feel free to borrow it if you need to. Nurses Week is still on for a few more days.

Just to share, I ended up using 1 box of graham crackers, 1 bag of marshmallows and 12 Hershey bars broken in half to fill two dozen 4-1/4" x 6-1/4" bags  for the nurses, and six more for the teachers. That's 2-1/2 dozen! Not a bad yield, eh? The kids loved helping, and eating the extras too!

Materials Used:

Honey Maid Graham Crackers  - $5
Best Yet Marshmallows - $2
16 Hershey Bars (Milk Chocolate or Dark) - 4 @ $3 - $12
Crystal Bags - $5
15 sheets standard copy paper

Total cost - $24 + paper, ink/printing, staples

Note that I put in 2 marshmallows because it squared off the treat nicely, size wise and visually. We test drove the microwaving portion of the instructions on the back of the label and I suggest you just use one marshmallow or you'll get the lovely lake of liquid marshmallow that we got after the 10 seconds were up. Or maybe you might like that...?


Abandoned Art Project

Are you here because you found some abandoned art? Please comment, and let me know who you found, and where you found the little guy/gal. I'll be talking more about each piece that I've made to be abandoned, to bring a smile to your day! Thanks! ~Su


Catchng up - October 2011

In October the focus was Halloween.... which even in Hawaii means a visit to the pumkin patch! This particular pumpkin patch in Waimanalo is on its second or third year going. They normally produce corn and other vegetables. You can see the beautiful mountain range in the background.

Walking past on the way to the entrance. 

A family of choices that we scraped together to choose from.

Took the tractor tour. Glad to have sat in front, that tiny little bullhorn speaker was barely doing its job over the roar of the motor.

The corn maze. Ahem.

After all that trekking through the dirt, we desperately needed a car wash!

And the witch jack'o'lantern that we made with the winning pumpkin!

Ending with a trip to the airport.... on All Hallow's Eve. Crazy? It was all worth it, you'll see in the next flashback post!


Catching Up - September 2011

Whoa! Moving took over, and with the holidays coming, I dropped my class, too much going on. Here's a little snippet of what happened (beyond moving) in September:

Bead swap sendout #1:

Bead swap sendout crafted item. I love this paisley! inspired by my swap partner's wist.

Bead swap package received!!! tons and tons of goodies.... (please excuse my coffee cup!)

And the piece de resistance (I know, I should spell check that phrase): and certified original by Craftster master charm bracelet maker TheSapphireMoon!!! I so love this, and the earrings are awesome too!

And a backyard burger BBQ for dear Daughter #2's birthday. No, she did not eat the tomato slice, lol!
Stay tuned for October!


Catching up - August 2011

Wow! Haven't blogged since August? Well, let me catch you all up on what's been going on. Now that school is out for the summer, here is what happened while I was studying and living life. 

Starting with that commissioned set in the last post....

Necklace and earrings, commissioned work
And then having to move household one town over, and confronting the giant empty sandlot that is my back yard....

And taking every break I could that first month. This included our last camping weekend for the summer, 

strolls and swims at the beach, 

and coffee breaks at the park while the kids ran around and burned off their boundless energy.

Then Fall took over.